Research & Education

Genealogy Research

As a source for genealogy research, we answer e-mail and letter inquiries as well as helping visitors research their family histories.  Our archives contain resources pertaining to both family and municipal history that have been researched, collected, organized, and indexed over the years.

Appointments may be booked with a volunteer or the archivist to assist with searching original documents or photos.

Recent work has included scanning over 1000 images, some from our archives and some new photos such as artifacts of the Beaverton Legion and photos of the barns of Thorah township.  We are also in the process of updating burial records for the Stone Church Cemetery.  There are always new projects on our horizon.

Our collection includes photos, maps, documents, artifacts, and cemetery records.  It also contains an extensive collection of microfilm of old newspaper editions.

Living History

A series of audio tapes as well as video tapes and DVD’s capture residents recounting the history of the area.


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