Our Society has a growing collection of genealogical and history resources. Original documents, photos etc. are stored in a climate controlled secure area, which is accessed only by the archivist. However, Society volunteers can access most informational material. Many people make use of these resources by coming in person to research or by writing for information. In either case, many hours of volunteer time are spent in helping the researchers. However, except for a grant, which covers approximately 5—7.5% of our operating budgets, we are self-supporting. Our income comes from donations and extensive fund-raising. Appointments are booked ahead of time to ensure that a volunteer is available.

Contacts for Researchers
Beaver River Museum: Heather Salzman, Beaverton 1-705-426-9641
Genealogy Committee: Garry Veale, Woodville 1-705-439-2797
History Committee: Helen Alsop  Beaverton 1-705-426-9460
Archivist: Ken Alsop, Beaverton 1-705-426-9460
  1. Newspapers (Woodville Advocate and Beaverton Express) on microfilm 1878-2010 (some issues missing); partially indexed (i.e. 1878-1926)
    Excerpts from death notices in early newspapers
    Indexes of Births, Marriages and Deaths (1883-1929) from Lindsay newspapers
  2. Tombstone transcriptions from all cemeteries and the older sections of the large cemeteries of Thorah and Eldon, as well as Gamebridge, Woodville Presbyterian, and Glenarm. (indexed)
  3. Census of Thorah Township: 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891, 1901 (microfilm; the first 4 with index available)
    1861 – agricultural census
    1871 – hand-copied, includes the business census and deaths for previous year
    Census of Beaverton: 1891 photocopy, 1901 microfilm
    Census of Woodville: 1891 photocopy, 1901 microfilm
    Census of Eldon: 1851, 1891 photocopy; 1861, 1871, 1881, 1901, microfilm
  4. Church Registers: Register of Rev. J. MacMurchy (hand-copied); Baptisms (births from 1836-1850); Marriages (1842-1857); Deaths (1864-65)Registers of Knox Church, Beaverton: Baptisms (1838-1869)
    Registers of Knox Church, Beaverton, and Gamebridge Presbyterian Church (hand-copied); Baptisms (1897-1910); In Memoriam (1896-1910)
    Registers of St. Andrew’s Presbyterian (South Eldon): Baptisms (1892-1915); Marriages (1906-1916) – transcribed by Mary Kearns Trace
  5. Assessment Rolls for Thorah: 1851; 1852; 1859, and for Beaverton 1884 (all hand-copied)
  6. Marriages (1858-1869) for Thorah mainly (hand-copied)
  7. Civil Records: Births for Thorah and Beaverton, 1885-1902 (photocopied and indexed)
    Births, Marriages and Deaths for Eldon, 1906-1922 (photocopied and indexed)
    Deaths for Thorah and Beaverton, 1870-1900 (photocopied and indexed)
    Deaths for Mara Township, 1869-1900 (hand-copied and indexed)
  8. Marriages for Thorah and Beaverton, 1869-1900 (photocopied and indexed) Smalley’s Inspection Report of 1830 for Thorah (hand-copied; land-owners mentioned)
  9. 1877 Atlas for Ontario County (indexed for Thorah; all landowners listed) 1881 Atlas for Victoria County (not all landowners listed) 1895 Map of Thorah Township with landowners listed Maps of Thorah, Eldon, Brock & Mariposa ca. 1938 with landowners listed
  10. Directories – excerpts from (hand-copied or photocopied)
  11. Books: The Beaverton Story – History Committee of B.T.E. Historical Society (index) Continuing Dreams: The Second Beaverton Story – History Committee of B.T.E. Historical Society (index)
    A Township on the Lake –  Mary Houston Ritchie (index available) Eldon Connections Rae Fleming
    Through the Years: A History of Life in Hartley and Surrounding District – Marjorie (Marsh) Cunday (index available)
    Woodville the Friendly Village – Woodville Historical Committee (index available)
  12. Family histories, pedigree charts and surname index
  13. Various other resources all listed in card catalogue (books, scrapbooks, pamphlets, letters, indexes, etc.)