Each DVD, Video or Cd are $10.00 each

Romancing the Stones – Beaverton’s Old Stone Jail
 What’s going on in Beaverton (1998)
 What Went On in Beaverton and Area (1999-2000)
Our Home Town 1938 Revisited
 BTE Historical Society – 25th Anniversary Parts 1 and 2. The history of the Society from the start to 2001.
Reflections of the Past Series:
Aimie Furniss Davidson
Dick  Goard
Emma Dawson
Joan Stemp
Mae MacAlpine
Mildred Goard
Mildred Greenwood
The MacAlpines
Terry and Audrey Jones
 Jim White
Opening Day (official opening of Stone Jail) (S-VHS only)
Beaverton Public School 75th  Reunion(S-VHS only)
Unveiling the Library Plaque(S-VHS only)
World Shorthorn Conference visit the Brown’s Farm
Makeover Beaverton Carnegie Library
South Eldon Legacy of the First Church
The Cedarhurst (Golf) Story
150 years Down memory Lane (2003 Fall Fair)
 Morrison’s 90th Birthday
 Beaverton 150th Fall Fair
 Beaverton Old Stone Church
 The Strand Theatre